Friday, May 27, 2011

Hello …


Skin:  Natural Beauty Meg Angel (Free Creative Angel Hunt)

Eyes: De La Soul  RooMee Eyes

Hair:  Vive 9 Wang (Free over the desk)

Piercings:  Acide (Free Lazy Daisy Hunt & SSH Gifts)

Outfit:  ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Untouched  (New Release)  Available in different colors

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Esta canción se la dedico a mi Rl, I love u baby.

I love to see you walk into the room
Body shining lightin' up the place
And when you talk, everybody stop
'Cause I know you know just what you sayin'
The way that you protect your friends
Baby I respect you for that
And when you grow you'll take everyone you love along
I love that shit

Don't fly me away
Don't need to buy a diamond key to unlock my heart
You shelter my soul, you're my fire when I'm cold
I want you to know
You had me at hello
Hello, hello
You had me at hello
Hello, hello
It was many years ago
Baby when you stole my cool
'Cause you had me at hello
Hello, hello

I get so excited when you travel with me
Baby while I'm on my grind
And never will I ever let my hustle
Come between me and my family time and
You keep me humble, I like this type
'Cause you know there's more to life
And if I need ya, you will be here

You will make the sacrifice


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